19Nov, 2014

What is Wicca?

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Photo of Wiccans performing a handfasting ceremony outdoors

Wiccans perform a handfasting ceremony
Wicca in America
As of 2008, there were 310 recognized religions and religious denominations in the United States. All of the world’s major religions were represented, as well as traditional Native American faiths. Also incl…

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10Sep, 2014

There are many excellent reasons to get ordained online to perform weddings. Marriage ceremonies may run the gamut from ultra-traditional to non-conformist, but to be valid all must have someone to officiate the event. Perhaps a couple close to you has asked if you…

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21Feb, 2014

Faith and Reason

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walk on water

Today, the question of when should a person of faith substitute faith for reason evidently still continues in the minds of many people. One recent example in the media was of a known “snake-handler” minister who confused faith with reason–one too …

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