18Jun, 2012

Where to Get Married

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You can customize your wedding location and who officiates the ceremony

Contemporary times allow great flexibility to choose a location where to get married the couple finds meaningful. Whether a bride dreams of a church wedding, home wedding, garden wedding or special location wedding, a Universal Life Church minister can customize marriage ceremonies to suit the wedding’s location and theme.

This church is non-dogmatic and open to all faiths. The engaged couple can even have a friend or family member get ordained to become a minister for a wedding. An online church that provides ordination allows everyone the freedom to perform weddings within an efficient time range, instead of having to invest years of study.

Church Wedding

A church offers a classic setting where to get married, with the formality of exchanging vows at the altar. A church interior protects flower arrangements. Booking a church ceremony reduces the risk of weather problems that can cause problems in outdoor settings. Photographs from a church wedding provide mementos of a ceremony in this sacred setting.

A church makes an especially meaningful wedding location for those with strong church ties. Even for those who don’t attend church regularly, tying the knot in the special atmosphere of a church can add weight to the ceremony.

Home Weddings

Having a wedding at the home of the bride or groom’s parents creates an intimate feeling. It includes the guests in the warmth of the home environment. In these economic times, the home offers a practical solution for saving money on where to get married. A home wedding reduces the overhead of hiring a hall or renting a special location.

When you have a friend get ordained to become a minister through an online church, the family saves on the minister’s fee as well. A home wedding is generally less expensive to decorate and create floral arrangements for, too. Customizing the decorations to suit the home, and creating a theme wedding works well.

Garden Wedding

If you have a location with fine weather, a garden might be where to get married as it celebrates the fertility of nature. Photographs of a garden wedding create beautiful mementos of the wedding celebration.

Flowers add to the day, and with a garden wedding, it’s possible to save a great deal on the florist bill. With a garden surrounding the couple with flowers, the only floral expense will be a bridal bouquet and flowers for the wedding party.

Public gardens often accept wedding bookings, providing another option for a fairy tale wedding. Rose gardens, tropical gardens and orchids in bloom enhance the special day. A back yard garden decorated with bows, lanterns or other festive touches becomes a lovely place to exchange marriage vows.

Special Location

Scenic attractions and parks give marriage ceremonies a memorable setting. In the wine country, vineyard weddings are popular. Waterfalls, forests and natural wonders offer spectacular backdrops. Special locations create a memorable atmosphere for celebrating the bonds of matrimony.

Bringing your own minister in the form of a friend or family member, provided they get ordained online, simplifies the arrangements for a special occasion wedding. Someone who knows you well can add a special touch to a ceremony.

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