Universal Life Church provides wedding training and minister classes with minister license to be an ordained minister.
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The Universal Life Church, commonly abbreviated ULC, is a secular religious foundation best known for offering ordination as a ULC minister free of charge. Anyone can become a minister immediately in the church, without any pre-ordination process. The Universal Life Church believes that as a function of one’s right to freedom of religion, everyone already is authorized to preach their beliefs and they are merely giving this fact recognition.

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People of any background or faith can take advantage of our free online ordination process to be a pastor. It just requires some basic information, and it’s quick and easy. The ULC encourages everyone to become a minister and speak truth to power. Whether you have been called to start your own ministry, or want to perform a wedding, the Universal Life Church is your path to be a pastor, rabbi, wedding officiant, or other legally-recognized member of the clergy.


Free Online Ordination

Become a ULC Minister and Get Ordained Online Ordination is always free at the Universal Life Church

The Universal Life Church offers free online ordination to anyone. Ordinations do not need to cost you money or function as the culmination of any particular course of study to be legally recognized. The First Amendment of the United States Constitution provides that the government cannot deem one religion or practice more or less valid than another. Since the Universal Life Church is duly incorporated as an active non-profit church, our ordinations are recognized across the nation. Do you want to learn more about how to get ordained to be a pastor, rabbi, minister, or other member of the clergy? Sign up now with the ULC and start your journey today!

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About Us

The Universal Life Church is a non-profit organization that offers legal, free online ordination to people of all faiths and backgrounds. We connect with our ministers and wedding officiants by posting exciting articles on our blog, engaging individuals through social media such as Facebook and Google+, and allowing you to connect with like-minded individuals who share in our respect for all forms of spirituality. We provide a list of wedding laws and basic training for anyone who utilizes our free online ordination process, and our church support staff is available for any questions and help you may require. We believe that we are all children of the same universe, and should strive to do only that which is right.

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